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Despite the fact that Uruguay is among the five smallest countries in South America, the country has the highest standard of living. The country is even sometimes referred to as the South American Switzerland. It is a quiet and cozy place and it’s the people and the government takes care of both their well-being and health of the population. That is why Uruguay became the first Latin American country to ban smoking in enclosed public places with high fines for violating the ban. Medicine and education in the state are free of charge, as well as sports activities for children in all public institutions. Many people know that Uruguay passport allows visa-free entry to almost all countries of the world, so you can meet Uruguayan people even in your own city.

But our video chat provides any of its visitors the opportunity to meet a representative of this country easily and at no cost.

Uruguayan cuisine will delight all meat eaters, because meat is its main ingredient and the local delicacy. This is mainly beef, as residents of the country are experiencing a certain disregard for the chicken and pork. Local favorite delicacy – Asado – consists of the pieces of meat cooked on the hearth stuck around the ground rods. Each Uruguayan house is equipped with a special place for its preparation called "Paris".

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This chat room will become an easy and fast way to get acquainted with the residents of Latin American cities as Montevideo, Canelones, Maldonado, San Jose for its visitors. Many tourists who come to Uruguay not «in season" are afraid that almost all buildings in the country is bad heatable. Travelers often complain of moldy ceilings, which can be found sometimes even in the most luxurious homes. Our online chat Uruguay will allow its visitors to avoid such unpleasant experiences, and to meet with Uruguayan residents without any labor and cost.

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ChatRoulette Uruguay is a version of the well-known service for online dating. Here, each user will be able to find a companion for a pleasant pastime. This chat room makes it possible to chat on any topic. For example, the die-hard fans will be able to discuss with the Uruguayans national religion of the country - football.

Uruguay residents hardly speak English (only senior managers have the proper level of English in the country, as well as some notaries and architects), so chat Uruguay - is primarily a Latin chat, where communication is conducted in Spanish.

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Chat Montevideo is a video chat section dedicated to communication with the inhabitants of the capital of Uruguay. Do not hesitate and hurry up to get to know them. Residents of Montevideo can tell you lots of interesting things. For example, that the Uruguayan favorite drink is a mat, that Uruguayan pizza has a form of a square and sold in meters, that the garbage for recycling in Montevideo is collected by horse-drawn carts They also can tell you about their great love for dogs and so much more.

Join our video chat, get acquainted with the girls and guys from Uruguay, find new friends or just spend time pleasantly!