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Moldova (or Moldavia) is one of the States that were part of the USSR. This country located in the South-East of Europe retains many features of that period. The state is a real paradise for those who want to return to the "good old" times. The Republic borders with Ukraine and Romania.

Moldova is considered one of the most densely populated European countries. However, the country is not only densely populated, but also multinational. Moldovans, Ukrainians, Russians and Romanians live there. In Moldova, the number of Internet users is 1 million 740 thousand, which is 40% of the total population. In this country, the proportion of women in the total population is 52%. In Moldova, the average duration of marriage is 6 years.

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You will meet people from cities such as Chisinau, Balti, Tiraspol in online chat Moldova. They know their city and country and can tell you a lot about Moldova, for example, that:

  • The official language of the country is Moldovan, but most of the population speaks Russian. You can also hear Ukrainian, Gagauz and Romanian language, but much less frequently.
  • Moldavian Republic as a whole runs along the second time zone.
  • According to statistics, every fifth citizen of Moldova lives in Chisinau.

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