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Georgia is a unique country. One of its parts is located on the Middle East, and the other - in Eastern Europe. It is assumed that European version of the name "Georgia" is derived from the Persian-Arabic "country of St. George". The country is situated in such a way that, being there, you can admire the eternally snowy peaks of the main Caucasian ridge, bask on the shore of the Black Sea and relax on the world-wide known resorts.

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After visiting our chat Georgia, you will know that this country has long been known as a place where wine is elevated to a cult. Ancient vessels with traces of grape seed found during archaeological excavations may tell us that Georgia was one of the places where wine was born. This wonderful beverage gives the Georgian people strength and confidence, helping them to stay young in body and spirit and can be a great topic for the conversation.

Georgia, Batumi

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Recently in Georgia there has been a tendency towards a decrease in the number of marriages. This is due to the fact that Georgians adopt the practice of “late” marriages, which is popular in Europe. According to statistics, the average age for marriage is 27 years for girls and 30 years for men.

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