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Republic of Cuba is a country that is known not only because of its export of cigars, coffee and rum or because of its great resorts that are annually visited, but also by the fact that it has become motherland to such prominent figures as the writer Guillermo Cabrera, famous chess player Jose Capablanca and brilliant poet Anthony Gildas Guillen. The name of the state comes from Taino language and can be roughly translated as "the perfect place" or place with "fertile ground".

Almost 100% of Cubans are dog lovers. And so much so that in each family one or even four-legged friends of a person lives, but the cats of local residents are not at all interested. Interestingly, the husky fashion has reached Cuba, despite the hot climate. This fact only confirms the friendliness of the Cubans who like to chat over a cup of coffee.

Residents of the country are very welcoming and friendly, and they are that sociable so they can start a conversation with a stranger right on the street. At the same time bright emotions that distinguish every citizen of Cuba can sometimes discourage moderate Europeans.

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But not everyone can afford himself an expensive flight to another continent to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Cuba. Also, you should be aware of the many obstacles and difficulties that arise in the way of those who dare to make this trip. The Republic of Cuba meets tourists by its warm climate and dangerous cyclones, bringing with themselves destruction, and surprise them by the ban on the use of electrical appliances or by its high cost of cellular communication. This is where online chat Cuba comes to help you. This Latin chat allows people from all around the world to get acquainted with the representatives of this country. Wherever you are, this free cam4 chat will make available to you online dating with the residents of such cities as Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, Holguin and Guantanamo.

To make easier the beginning of your conversation here, our site team has prepared some useful tips and observations for you:

  • Cubans can’t be called very polite nation, but they are not aggressive either. Get respect to your interlocutor, and he will answer you the same for sure.
  • Like many other Latin American representatives, the Cubans do not scrimp on compliments. Help your partner in dialogue to feel more comfortable. If you find some of his or her features attractive - smile, style of being himself or a sense of humor - do not be afraid to tell him about it, or to praise this feature you like.
  • Quite often, this chat room serves as a place for the first meeting of the future couples. However, someone who is hoping to find his soulmate in the video chat should remember that the Cuban people have a negative attitude toward intermarriage.
  • Cuba is a real paradise for dog lovers. Almost every family there has its own dog. Therefore, if you do not know what to start talking about to the Cuban, feel free to ask him about what breed of dog he likes.
  • Be ready for the fact that the Cubans are very slow, and any conversation with them can last for many hours, even if you just met each other.

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