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While using the Netherlands chat, you have an opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most interesting countries, its inhabitants, history, customs, holidays, all while making new friends and acquaintances.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is the richest and most stable country in Western Europe. It borders with Germany and Belgium. From the West and North it is washed by the waters of the North Sea. Often the country is called Holland, which is not entirely correct, since Holland is only the name of the two most developed provinces of the twelve. Netherland means "Lower Earth" and is consistent with the location of the kingdom as most of its the territory is below sea level.

This online chat will help you to get acquainted with the beauty and nature of this kingdom. The main population is Dutch, although citizens of Amsterdam are mostly coming from the former colonies. While chatting with the residents of the Netherlands, you can learn about the culture, customs of the inhabitants and even about their cuisine. Moreover, you can find out the history of wooden clogs – souvenir featured by tourists.

The age category that allows you to be in this chat is from 18 years and older. More than 10,000 users are chatting here. Of these, 30% are female users, and the remaining 70% are male users. It is one of the most popular video chats in this state.

Netherlands chat

To make your chatting interesting and cognitive, ask residents these facts:

  1. Are the men of the Netherlands the highest in the world?
  2. Does your interlocutor have a bicycle? In the Netherlands, there are more bicycles than people.
  3. What attracts tourists to the city of Amsterdam?
  4. Why do all women wear short skirts on one spring day?

Chatting with people in the video chat is possible not only in Dutch. Many residents speak English fairly well, speak German and French. The Dutch are friendly and affable. They will speak with you using the most convenient for you language. If you still feel like use translator, you can refer to an online message translator that is embedded in the chat. Chat Netherlands does both, educates about the country and improves language skills.

Hollands Chat

The word Holland associates with the canals, numerous cyclists, huge fields of tulips, ancient castles with windmills, and a number of modern windmills used for electricity supply. Users of our video chat - residents of these regions can tell you about this.

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You can also find out from the residents about the reason for narrow facades of houses, famous Dutch cheeses and even about the red-light district. Discussion of interesting facts of Netherland makes online dating easy and interesting. It can even lead into something serious.

Chat Roulette with residents of the Netherlands

Launch the Netherlands chat roulette and chat with anyone on a variety of topics that interest you and your interlocutor. It includes conversations about life in the country, immigrants from the African colonies, the famous Vincent Van Gogh Museum, and about the wax figure museum Madame Tussauds. Come in, chat! And if the interlocutor is not interested in you, you can always leave him and start a conversation with another visitor, simply by pressing one button. You can visit the roulette chat at any time convenient for you and you can learn even more about the Netherlands and its inhabitants, about the events in their life, and what excites them.

Come to our chat with the inhabitants of the Netherlands and enjoy its simplicity. Dive in into the Netherlands’ communication experience!