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Ecuador is famous for its unicorn climatic conditions. This country is a huge reserve because the proportion of national parks and reserves constitutes a great part of the whole territory. The city Quito is a capital of the country. This capital occupies the second place in the world in its altitude. Despite its small size, Ecuador has become a significant exporter of oil, cocoa, rice, seafood, and wood. Speaking about the gastronomic preferences of Ecuadorians, national cuisine is very diverse. It contains exotic fruits, seafood and fish, different kinds of potatoes and specialties such as the guinea pig and soup of the bull genitals.

Ecuador is a very revealing and sociable country. Foreigner people can not only enter its territory easily, but also have voting rights. Perhaps that is why the people who love to travel, often visit video chat Ecuador to meet with the residents of this state and to become their guests in real life.

The most important asset for the Ecuadorian is his family, so usually several generations live together in the same house. According to statistics, most young people get married before the age of 25, girls often get married immediately after reaching 18 years of age.

Chat Ecuador

Chat Ecuador is a 100% free chat where every visitor will be able to find an interlocutor to its liking from such cities as Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca. Cheerful Latin Americans will be happy to tell you about their country, as well as help you to practice in foreign language communication. Generally, communication in the web chat with camera takes place in Spanish, although Quechua is also recognized as official language. That is the reason why we can tell that this chat room is a Latin chat.

ChatRoulette Ecuador

ChatRoulette Ecuador is a progressive and highly productive way to start online dating right now. Like any other online chat, ChatRoulette Ecuador is available to multiple users located in different corners of the world. To start online chat you only need to have a camera, microphone and positive attitude.

There are some advices that can be useful for you during communication in the chat Ecuador:

  • Respect to the country sanctuaries will help you to make friends with the Ecuador citizens. Those are religion and football.

  • Be prepared for the fact that, although many Ecuadorians speak English pretty well, most of the words of foreign origin will have a "Spanish" variant of pronunciation. So don't be surprised if you hear a name of American ex-president spelled as "Jorge Bush" in Ecuador.

  • You should also be careful with some local realia and euphemisms - it is so easy to "get into hot water" because of them. For example, there are no McDonald's fast food chain in the Ecuador and "nightclub" there is a name for brothels.

Communication in the ChatRoulette Ecuador is similar to the usage of Free Omegle chat but there everything goes much faster and more interesting. ChatRoulette restrictions are few simple rules that are easy to adhere to.

Hurry up to join and start to get pleasure from getting acquainted with the country and its citizens!