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Canary Islands are an archipelago of seven islands located within a hundred kilometers from Africa and two thousand kilometers from Spain. Canary Islands are a Spanish autonomy. Spain established their power here in the XV century. The population of the Canary Islands consists mainly of the hereditary Spaniards and descendants of mixed marriages with the indigenous population Guanche. People of Canary Islands are very friendly. Spanish is the official and spoken language of the region. But you can also hear the Castilian dialect, and words from the Guanche language. But the Internet today brings people together. A lot of tourists from different countries, which are welcomed in the Canary Islands, participate in the online communication. Therefore, in our video chat Canaries you can also hear English, French, Russian speech.

Few people know that the name "Canary Islands" in translation into other languages means "Dog Islands" and this denotation is not derived from the names of the canary’s birds, as someone may believe, but from the Latin word "canis" (dog). Incidentally, it is interesting that we are not talking about the usual four-legged friend known by everyone but about so-called "sea dog” e.g. seal. It is also interesting that Canary Islands have two capital cities - Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Canaries are also known as "the islands of eternal spring" for the special climate of the area, which allows tourists to relax on its sandy beaches during the whole year. Today, a visit to this magical place has become more affordable, which, however, had no impact on comfort and service of resorts located in the Canary Islands. Everyone who visited the Canary Islands, will want to come back to this amazing place. One of the main purposes of our free webcam chat online is to help you in it. And one of the major advantages of our video chat Canaries is its accessibility from any place of the planet. You can experience the atmosphere of the Canary Islands and to communicate with people of this region, not even leaving a house. Just a few seconds and you will be able maintain a conversation with the sultry girl or hot guy from the Canary Islands.

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