About Ashley Madison website

Ashley Madison - one of the most popular and notorious dating sites for matrimonial changes. Most people have heard about it from the news, which were not particularly enjoyable for its users. Essence of the the problem is that a group of hackers under the pseudonym "The Impact Team" made a hacker attack on the server and access to the site database ashleymadison.com and posted it in free access via the Internet. Thus, everyone can see the data of 37 million users of this website. Why so many people want to find and download this database? Here is the basic information that is provided in the list:

  • Username.
  • Email.
  • Contact information: phone, address, work address.
  • Billing information.
  • Correspondence with other users.
  • Encrypted passwords.

As you can see, these data can be useful for checking your spouse on fidelity, and to find a lover / mistress. The data base will be interesting for to marketers who can attract visitors in new projects. As for passwords, they are encrypted (using the algorithm MD5), therefore deciphering will be difficult.

Ashley Madison

Database of Ashley Madison

Hackers wanted to check whether the stored data in the database of visitors who buy a paid account deletion function for 19 dollars. It turned out that after the payment of all data not only remain in the database but saved payment information, which certainly is strictly confidential. Almost everyone knows the tragic situation when a man committed suicide after the database of Ashley Madison become publicly available. And whatever your desire to download this base, we are against the dissemination of personal data and will not post a link to it and do not recommend you look for tis list on the network.

Analogs of Ashley Madison

Given the situation that ensued around this site, you need to draw some conclusions about the search of unique site for dating and flirting online. In addition, better use of services that require a minimum of your information. If you want a simple dating flirting, or virtual sex, then you can safely use the anonymous video chats on our website. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers already know what is meant.

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